Fashion Design

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Good all round: The Kehrer Design Academy fashion school is oriented towards essential requirements of the national and international fashion and textile industry.

The Departments

The Artistic Department

Creativity is essential in the fashion industry, which thrives on continuous renewal and constantly changing trends. We therefore encourage and train your creative and artistic potential throughout your entire course. You’ll be amazed at what’s inside you.

Drawing and Illustration
With us you will learn fashion drawing, illustration, life and positional drawing from scratch and become a professional in no time, not only manually but also on the drawing table and iPad.

In the subjects of colour and design theory you will get to know how to use colours and learn everything about presentation techniques and layout design.

Learn how to design trend-oriented designs and collections in such a way that they are not only convincing artistically, but also in terms of production.

CAD model design
The fashion industry is becoming increasingly digital. As such we’ll get you fit and competent in all important illustration, image editing and layout design applications.

Accessory and product design
Here you can not only design your own accessories by hand or with 3D software, you can even produce them yourself with our 3D printers.

Mocking up and draping
You will gain valuable basic experience in artistic design with tissue paper, textiles and other materials on the tailor's dummy.

Experimental design
Dare to try something new! Experiment freely with materials and shapes and devote yourself to your own fashion, design, art or architecture projects.

Portfolio design
Together we will develop your personal portfolio with your best work to ensure you are perfectly prepared for applications to the industry.

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The practical Department

An idea is only as good as it can be put into practice. This is why we train your creative skills as well as your craftsmanship and technical knowledge. So you can soon turn your ideas into fully realised designs and collections.

Pattern construction
Here you will learn how to make tape-ready cuts for women's, men's and children's clothing.

Pattern development
Unlike a standardised basic cut, a pattern cut contains individual design elements that you get to know and develop in detail.

CAD design cutting
With us, you will get to know the predominant CAD software solutions for cutting - and will soon be able to use them perfectly.

Grading is the proportionally correct enlargement of pattern sections - it sounds complicated, but we will teach you how to do it very easily.

Material technology
In this subject we teach you everything you need to know about the handling, wearing and care properties of fabrics and other materials.

Processing techniques
In conjunction with the subject Material Technology, you will learn about the special features of processing different materials.

Realisation and production techniques
We will teach you industrial manufacturing and processing techniques so that you can realise collections that are appropriate for the material and pattern at any time.

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The Conceptual Department

At the Kehrer Design Academy fashion school you will not only learn to create fashion, but also to understand it. You will understand the interactions of the market as well as the mechanisms of the global fashion and textile industry and will therefore be able to create market and target group-oriented collections.

The history of fashion and costumes
Experience the evolution of fashion through the centuries to contemporary fashion design and an innovative look at the future.

Collection Planning
Fashion labels bring up to four collections to the market each year. We provide you with the production and marketing know-how for optimal planning.

Fashion Marketing
From target group analysis, to conception to social media marketing - with us you will learn everything about the successful marketing of fashion.

Industry/customer-specific project concepts
In order for you to gain practical experience during your course, we regularly carry out creative practical projects in cooperation with well-known companies.

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The International Department

Successful designers aren’t just well-connected worldwide, they also always have the global fashion market in mind. To ensure you are optimally equipped for the international fashion industry, we offer you specially tailored course content.

Subject-related English
Learn English fashion terms and improve your English for interviews to enable you to act confidently anywhere in the world.

International Fashion Design
How does international communication take place between creation, production, trade and marketing? Here you will learn everything about global fashion design.

International Design and Aesthetics
Develop an instinct for aesthetic rules in the area of design as well as for the Zeitgeist and the design trends in international fashion.

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The General Education Department

Alongside artistic and technical know-how, economic thinking and acting are decisive for the success of any fashion label - and therefore also for you as a designer.

That's why, in addition to the general subjects of business communication and social studies, we also teach you business skills. This will help you enormously, especially if you wish to start your own business later on.

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Additional course offerings

Individualists are in demand in the creative sector. That's why your individual advancement is our top priority. We also offer you various additional programmes that allow you to acquire further recognised qualifications during your three-year training period.

Apprenticeship diploma in the custom tailoring trade specialising in womenswear: Train as a custom tailor
Are you interested in the craftsmanship of fabrics and their finishing? During your apprenticeship you can also learn tailoring with us. We prepare you for the apprenticeship certification exam in the tailoring trade in cooperation with the Stuttgart Chamber of Crafts.

Graphics for Fashion
Do you want to learn more about visual design, brand conception and communication? Here we will broaden your theoretical and practical knowledge.

International Fashion Designer
Do you want to work abroad in the future? We prepare you specifically for this - with in-depth additional training including a qualification certificate. The focus of the course offering is on "English for Fashion", "International Fashion Business", "International Fashion Planning & Management" and "International Trends & Style", including individual applications.

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