Career Profiles


Versatile career opportunities in the national or international fashion and design industry

The creative and very practice-oriented curriculum at our fashion schools has proven very successful for many years and covers many different specialist areas of the international fashion and design industry.

Our graduates can therefore be employed in a very wide range of fields. Our curriculum and the skills taught at our school are the basis for very interesting future perspectives and job profiles - the opportunities are very diverse:

Fashion + Design Department

Our graduates can also work as graphic designers in the fields of fashion/design - namely, we offer a variety of curriculums in the field of drawing and in the subject of computer design. Thus, professions such as advertising and book illustrator or fashion illustrator for trade magazines can also be considered - and many more.

Graphics + Communication Department

With our new curriculum in the Graphics + Communication Department, we prepare graduates for a job in the national and international design and advertising industry. Graphic designers have good prospects on the job market with a wide range of career opportunities:

Graduate Carola Strehl tells us about her experience with Carl Lagerfeld

Talks about practical work experience with our alumnii: We also regularly invite alumni to talks about practical work experience so that our young designer students will get valuable ideas and advice from those in the field.