The high quality standards of our tuition are also reflected in the numerous awards our young designers have received in national and international design competitions.

In addition to our multifaceted educational content, the different additional qualification opportunities, workshops and offerings, we also support you at national and international competitions as participation in these complements the regular lessons in a goal-oriented way and always establishes a practical reference.

Numerous winners of various design competitions are the hallmarks of our students and our fashion schools and underline our high quality standards.

National competitions
Wilhelm-Lorch Foundation’s Sponsorship Award, Gil Bret Outdoor Design Award, Schiesser Uncover Design Award, Mini Design Award, Berliner Fashion Award, Stachus Fashion Design Contest Munich, Rhein-Main Fashion Prize, Mobile Living Design Competition, Pro7 Talent Competition, Bundeskunsthalle Bonn’s Fashion Design Competition

International competitions
Frankfurt Style Award, European Fashion Award, Baltic Fashion Award, Design Genius Season 2, Europark Young Designer Award, Catwork competition, TV Competition

Exclusive collaboration competitions
BOSCH Product Academy Design competition, SWR Design Competition, ELO Digitaloffice GmbH Design Competition, Böblingen District Artists' Guild Design Competition, Sensual Latex Design Competition, Müller Lebensraum Garten Design Competition, ONETASTE Fashion Design Competition, RPR1 Design Competition

Internal competitions
Kehrer Fashion School’s Fashion Award, Kehrer Fashion School’s Design Cup, Kehrer Fashion School’s T-Shirt Contest