Graphic Design

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Good all round: The Kehrer Design Academy fashion school is oriented towards essential requirements of the national and international advertising and design industry.

The Departments

The Artistic Department

There's more input here for maximum creative output: We teach you artistic skills that only the best designers have.

Learning to draw and illustrate from scratch? With us, this is much easier than you think - both by hand and with digital drawing programmes.

Colour Theory
Colours are not only an fundamental sensory experience, but are also central to successful design. Here you can find out everything about their use and effect.

Concept Design
One of our specialities: Concept Design opens up a wealth of new creative design possibilities for the implementation of conceptual ideas.

Computer-aided Design (CAD) / 3D Design
Become a pro at using all the major design programmes and create stunning 2D and 3D work on your computer or tablet.

Package Design
As part of your holistic vocational training, you will learn how to create aesthetic, commercially-effective packaging based on brand design.

Editorial Design
From magazines to books to online publications - editorial design also opens up career opportunities for you in international publishing.

A convincing portfolio is the key to getting your dream job. That's why portfolio design plays an important role with us.

The layout is the visual basis of the design. We teach you how to develop brand-building, sales-promoting and at the same time aesthetic layouts.

Corporate Design / Corporate Identity
Successful companies have a clear identity and a uniform appearance - here you can discover how corporate identity is created.

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The practical Department

Just go for it: Under the guidance of our lecturers, you will become a professional in all practical areas of graphic design.

Graphic Design
Experience all kinds of facets of modern graphic design - from print graphics, typography and desktop publishing to web design, photography and film.

Type graphics and typography
We will teach you to master both the basics and the finer points of typographic design - across all communication media.

Photo Design
Learn about the whole range of photo design - from artistic design to application-oriented products and advertising photography.

Web design
We teach you the professional design of attractive online offers, including information architecture and user experience.

Industrial Projects
You can work creatively with well-known partners from different industries. In this way, you will also be trained in practice.

Job coaching
Our trainings for you are specific and so you can be optimally prepared for job interviews. Your career within the economy of creativity will be all the easier.

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The Conceptual Department

Design only becomes a success with the right concept: Here you will learn how to inspire your target group - and your clients.

How do brands become a cult and how do consumers become loyal customers? We will go through all aspects of marketing - especially social media.

Brand Design / Branding
With successful branding, you can create a brand with emotional signals which you can efficiently send to your target groups. You will learn this right here.

Communication design
We teach perceptual processes taking into account the corresponding media-specific effects. We investigate and analyse how to advertise effectively in different media.

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The International Department

The key to success: With the Kehrer Design Academy fashion school you can get off to a flying start not only in Germany, but worldwide.

Subject-related English
After you have gone through our English training, you will be able to present yourself confidently and convincingly in the professional world of the design and advertising industry worldwide - even at job interviews.

International design strategies
Designers communicate on an international level. Our "subject-related English" course is complemented by our introduction to the global context of the design and advertising industry. The subjects taught here are international communication between creative departments, strategy experts and production workers - as well as the connection between advertising and advertising impact.

International Design and Aesthetics
Discover the design trends of international advertising and the different styles of renowned designers, agencies and artists.

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The theoretical Department

Not dull at all: In the theoretical subject area you will learn exciting management skills and important basic knowledge.

Design Management
We combine the fields of management, marketing and design in an optimal way Design Management. Whether global management tasks, competitive analyses or strategic brand building - the subject Design Management combines fundamental management knowledge with exciting areas of the design world.

Business Communication / Community Studies / Economics

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