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Fashion show in Mannheim

The adventure weekend of the Mannheim-City advertising association and the city of Mannheim on July 15th and July 16, 2023 had music and fashion as the theme and attracted a lot of visitors to Mannheim city center. Our Mannheim fashion school Kehrer Design Academy is located directly on the planks in the ÖVA Passage and therefore in the pedestrian zone in the heart of Mannheim.

Fashion Show in der ÖVA Passage Mannheim

Fashion Show in the City Hall of Stuttgart

The Kehrer Design Academy presented a creative insight into current final collections and projects with 34 students as part of several fashion shows.

The fashion show took place three times on the over 40 meter long catwalk through the historic ÖVA Passage, below the listed building in which our Mannheim Kehrer Design Academy is also located. The young designers gave an impressive insight into their final collections. In addition to trendy street wear on the theme of “Urban Heroes,” there was also elegant and minimalist fashion on the theme of “Minimal Art.” The outfits on the theme of “Darkland” were a highlight. Rocking leather outfits that are still very comfortable to wear and suitable for everyday use.

The Kehrer Design Academy gives students a lot of creative freedom for personal development and to experiment with colors, shapes and materials as part of their training to become a state-recognized fashion designer. The collection on the theme of “Art” from the “Experimental Design” department showed how art can come onto the catwalk and set another artistic and colorful highlight.

Mannheim's city center was very well attended and the atmosphere in the ÖVA Passage along the over 40 meter long catwalk was very good. It was a great performance, with many enthusiastic spectators and huge applause.

We thank you very much

Die Modeschule Kehrer Design Academy bedankt sich herzlich bei der Stadt Mannheim, insbeondere bei Susann Becker, sowie bei der Werbengemeinschaft Mannheim, insbesondere bei Lutz Pauels, für die Möglichkeit beim Erlebniswochenede mit einer Fashion Show dabei gewesen sein zu können und die tolle Unterstützung bei der Vorbereitung der Veranstaltung.

Für die  Choreographie danken wir Britta Vath. Für das professionelle Hair Styling danken wir Julia Richter und ihrer Berufsfachschule für Kosmetik, Film- und Bühnencosmetologie Mannheim.

Für die professionelle Fotodokumentation danken wir Leo Holzinger

Zudem herzlichen Dank an unser professionelles Filmteam um Christian Wuckert für die weitere Dokumentation des Events.

Ebenso herzlichen Dank zudem auch unseren teilnehmenden Schülerinnen und Schülern sowie unserem Dozententeam!!!